Gongol.com Archives: March 2009
Brian Gongol

March 27, 2009

Science and Technology The first photo from space is only 63 years old
In other words, we've gone from having never seen our own planet from space to Google Earth and public access to near-real-time satellite imagery of the planet in less than a human lifetime. That astonishing increase in our own self-monitoring capability is far from being the only example of remarkable improvements in what we might call planetary self-awareness.

News Chinese scrap-metal recyclers may have melted a radioactive lead ball
Apparently, the stuff is radioactive, highly toxic, and explosive when in contact with water. All of which makes the possibility that it was melted down and mixed with other scrap metal a frightening possibility.

Science and Technology 30-mph winds power 126-mph vehicle
It's the fastest naturally-powered trip ever taken

Aviation News Honorable warriors
The story of a German fighter pilot who declined to shoot down a badly damaged American bomber

Graphics Graphic of the day: Poise
A submission for Illustration Friday

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