Gongol.com Archives: March 2009
Brian Gongol

March 30, 2009

Computers and the Internet Cyber-warfare is here and it's real
British and Canadian researchers seem pretty sure that the Chinese government is responsible for a huge spyware project that compromised at least 1300 computers, many of them belonging to foreign governments

Computers and the Internet How much of what you say online is protected by copyright?
An argument about the copyright-worthiness of Twitter comments raises the interesting point that the only way to guarantee that an individual retains absolute certainty of the ownership of what he or she says is to say it via his or her own website. It seems perfectly fine to offer up short comments via services like Twitter, but re-stating those same things (and elaborating upon them) elsewhere is really the only smart way to proceed. Twitter is, in essence, a giant cocktail party in which all conversations are meant to be overheard. Thus, no one should be surprised if those conversations are quoted elsewhere.

Iowa Don't worry about those warning sirens, Des Moines

Computers and the Internet Supposedly "anonymous" data isn't all that anonymous
Lots of sites claim to collect data which is only reported in anonymous format to their advertisers, but a couple of researchers from the University of Texas have figured out how to de-anonymize that data when it's collected from social-networking sites by re-establishing the connections among the people on the different sites.

News Dear Britain: We really like you, but would you please nix the monarchy?
It's really hard to like Simon Cowell, but it's even harder not to want to rise to his defense when he (apparently) could be brought up on charges of treason because he told Jay Leno that Queen Elizabeth ignored him at a recent function. Treason, really?

Water News State officials decide there's water left in the Platte after all

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