Gongol.com Archives: April 2009
Brian Gongol

April 6, 2009

Agriculture US soldiers in Iraq could bring devastating wheat rust home in their clothes
It's a very serious threat to one of the world's main food crops, and opponents of food science aren't helping

Business and Finance One dour perspective on the future of the Irish economy
Having made enormous gains over the last few years, it may take a while for the Celtic Tiger to pull itself out of debt. But even when things turn south, there are still plenty of gains -- in terms of human capital and investment capital -- that endure. People don't forget how to do the things they learned to do just because the economy shrinks by 5%. Heart surgeons still know how to perform bypass operations and engineers still know how to design bridges. The challenge is in putting those things to work productively.

Business and Finance Jack Bogle reiterates his argument that finance companies take too much from investors
Bogle's advice and commentary are sage. Others are also (wisely) identifying the errors behind too much political influence in the boardroom.

News What happens when a community newspaper goes away?

Broadcasting Chicago radio host who spent a career making fun of WGN takes over their mid-afternoon

Broadcasting Podcast: Who should really be mad about overpaid executives? The shareholders.
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Broadcasting Podcast: Laundry machines, savers of hundreds of hours a year
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Water News Safe water is going to cost hundreds of billions of dollars

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