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Brian Gongol

April 11, 2009

Iowa The reasoning behind Iowa's Supreme Court decision on gay marriage
One very good point that emerges from the decision which will probably go under-noticed by those who choose not to read the entire opinion: "If the marriage statute was truly focused on optimal parenting, many classifications of people would be excluded, not merely gay and lesbian people." Overall, the decision is well-reasoned, though there's a distinct shift in tone when it moves from the opening sections (which, in fairness to opponents of the ruling, has a moderately crusading tone) to the actual point-by-point analysis of the case and the law, which gets especially well-reasoned around page 49. Far from being the work of "activist" judges, the case appears to do exactly what American courts have done since Marbury v. Madison: Analyzing the law for consistency and accordance with supreme laws (like the state and Federal constitutions). The Iowa Supreme Court decision in Varnum v. Brien appears to do exactly what a supreme court is charged with doing: Applying intelligent, reasoned judgment to matters of the law. Unfortunately, many people who oppose the decision are too quick to dismiss it (and the justices involved) without reading and understanding the opinion entirely. Meanwhile, too many people who like the outcome think that it means all of their problems are solved because the court essentially "laid down the law." In reality, the matter is still one of individual opinions and feelings which no court decision can overturn. Tastes and cultural standards regarding all things sexual are quite malleable over time...as are individuals.

The United States of America Time to hide your pet monkey
The US House of Representatives has passed a bill called the Captive Primate Safety Act, which prohibits interstate commerce in primate pets. The Senate is looking at the bill now.

Business and Finance Trump Entertainment Resorts is in Chapter 11
Another public-service announcement brought to you by the Campaign to Get People to Stop Listening to Donald Trump for Business Advice

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