Gongol.com Archives: April 2009
Brian Gongol

April 15, 2009

Business and Finance GAO worries about the future of defined-benefit pensions
The underfunding of pensions is one of the major threats to the American economy that go beyond today's headlines. The problems are big and persistent and require time and patience to fix.

Computers and the Internet April's "Patch Tuesday" update from Microsoft contained five "critical" updates

Humor and Good News There are bomb-disarmament robots, and then there are people-disarming bots
An artist has been playing with a batch of wheeled robots to see whether random people walking down the street will react to them. Turns out, people do.

Business and Finance AT&T wants to extend its iPhone exclusivity
For AT&T, it's a logical move -- the iPhone is popular and still has great brand recognition, which in turn drives business to their telephone service. For Apple, it wouldn't be much of a departure from past ideas -- they still sell their computers through company stores. But with the emergence of competing phones -- which have lots of incentives to outperform the iPhone -- maybe exclusivity isn't what it used to be. Related: eBay is selling the Skype Internet telephony service.

Business and Finance Sam Zell says buying the Tribune Company was a mistake

Water News A gas tax of a very different sort

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