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Brian Gongol

April 30, 2009

Broadcasting The rise of the infomercial is a bad sign for local radio
There's a difference between a classic sponsored program (like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom or Hallmark Hall of Fame) and crass infomercials. Too bad we're seeing the predominance of the latter. The outlook for radio need not be completely depressing, but quality is difficult and costly to produce, and if advertisers and listeners don't demand it, we might not get much of it.

Computers and the Internet Twitter's user-retention rate: 40% per month
If that estimate is correct, it's a sign that the churn will be enough to kill the momentum behind the growth -- just like what happened to MySpace. MySpace was hot, hot, hot about three years ago. Today, it's pretty much ignored.

Aviation News Fuel icing may be a bigger problem than previously though
Rolls-Royce engines have been having trouble with fuel icing. Turns out British Airways Flight 38 wasn't the only flight to have an emergency.

Business and Finance The death of Pontiac in pictures

Science and Technology World's largest solar collector goes into action
It's about half as tall as the Chrysler Building

The United States of America A history of the US Marshals

Water News Senate proposal: $1.8 billion for sewer separation

Broadcasting Podcast: The government takes over GM
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Broadcasting Podcast: Peaceful uses for nuclear bombs
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