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Brian Gongol

May 4, 2009

Business and Finance "Read everything you can"
People seem to think that Warren Buffett knows something about the world that they don't, and that if only he'd tell them this one little secret, they'd be able to become as rich as he is. The reality seems more that he's incredibly disciplined and exceptionally curious.

News The future belongs to judgment workers
The Chicago Tribune has had to shut down a project that would've shared some unfinished news stories with members of the public. Among the potential hazards of such an endeavor included the risk of massive legal exposure, since an incomplete story hasn't necessarily been reviewed for libel and slander issues. The incident goes to reinforce the notion that the future doesn't belong to the "knowledge workers" who were supposed to take over the world, but rather to judgment workers -- people who take their knowledge and combine it with experience and discretion to make judgment calls, often under time constraints, and take responsibility for how those judgments turn out. The unfinished-story idea sounds appealing if the only thing that matters is information...but it fails the judgment test.

Water News Declining property values could make water less safe

Computers and the Internet Some day, schoolkids will look for WhiteHouse.gov archives from the Reagan Administration and won't know why they don't exist.
It's a scary thought

Broadcasting Podcast: Why we should throw out most science textbooks
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Broadcasting Podcast: Why we need more "learning machines"
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