Gongol.com Archives: May 2009
Brian Gongol

May 19, 2009

News Washington Post columnist suggests buying all the newspapers at once
In a column styled as an open letter to Warren Buffett, Steven Pearlstein suggests that so many American newspaper companies are in trouble now that one could buy them all up at a fire-sale price, and turn the newspaper business into a national syndicate. Clever, perhaps. But unlikely, too. Saving America's newspapers from financial ruin is a project that takes more than just some clever economics of scale. It also requires a thorough reconsideration of what a newspaper really does. Putting a journal of past events on dead trees is an inadequate answer.

Science and Technology More people on the planet today would recognize a cell phone than a corded phone
There are only 19 fixed-line phones for every 100 people on the planet today. But there are 50 mobile phone lines for every 100 people walking the Earth. Scary thought.

Water News Water uncertainty becomes more significant than ever

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