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Brian Gongol

May 27, 2009

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(Video) Fiscal prudence isn't quite as sexy as spending like an idiot, but that spending sexiness tends to wear off when the bills start going unpaid. Sadly, that's the state of affairs for the nation as a whole. The IRS says that income-tax revenue in April was 34% lower than in April 2008. Considering that personal income taxes and payroll taxes are the main source of Federal funding, that's a big problem. And now, people are even talking about instituting a national sales tax to help cover the gap between spending and tax-collection.

Broadcasting Leno's not-really-a-retirement is just a sign of the times
NBC realized that there was a lot of productivity left in a guy who's 59 years old, especially in a country where he's just part of a large wave of people in the same age cohort. And since it's easier than ever for people to sample whatever entertainment media they want, it's better to find a new place to put a seasoned show horse than to try to send him off to pasture.

Humor and Good News Prequels nobody ever wanted to see

Science and Technology Fluorescent marmosets are now passing their genes on to successive generations

Water News Nebraska gets a little bit of planning money

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