Gongol.com Archives: June 2009
Brian Gongol

June 2, 2009

Broadcasting A most welcome sight: Andy Richter back with Conan O'Brien
Television and radio are usually at their best when they involve a conversation between two people who know each other well. Adding others into that conversation only makes it better.

The American Way Microsoft will integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Sky satellite TV into the Xbox
It's fascinating to watch Microsoft, which is the world's dominant company in the operating-system market, fight for every dollar of business in other sectors. The Xbox has tough competition going up against the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation, so Microsoft is forced to innovate aggressively in order to keep up. That's the beauty of a free market, of course: Creative destruction gives more incentive to smaller firms to come up with new ideas than it gives to larger firms. The less of a market a firm dominates, the more it stands to gain by getting bigger. Microsoft has been crushed in the search-engine market by Google, so it's launching an aggressive campaign to make its new Bing search engine valuable to the world. Who benefits more than consumers?

Humor and Good News "The Astounding World of the Future"
(Video) Sometimes, the promises of the future turn out to be a little less than advertised

Water News A call to action amid technicians

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