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Brian Gongol

June 30, 2009

Science and Technology Energy security is a national security issue
But, ironically, sometimes security and energy conflict -- as they are doing in Nevada, where a proposed 600-foot tower for collecting solar energy is believed to conflict with the work of Nellis Air Force Base. The system proposed for the solar tower would actually use molten salt to store the energy captured during the day to allow the plant to deliver energy 24 hours a day.

Broadcasting Michael Jackson: "One of the first truly international stars"
Exactly one of the points made by a certain radio host on WHO-AM last week

The United States of America Green Party tries to blame petition regulations for electoral failure
The reality is that in America's first-past-the-post electoral system, the stable outcome is going to be two mainstream parties which jockey for position to encompass the largest possible electoral coalitions. If the Green Party really wants to have an influence on American politics, then it needs to ally itself clearly with one of the major parties (most likely the Democrats) and act as a vocal, clearly-demarcated sub-group within the party. As the Green Democrats, for instance, they'd have far more effect than as the stand-alone Greens, who have little prospect of ever obtaining a working majority. American political parties are governing coalitions formed before election day. That's just how it works. The British understand this, with campaigning groups within the major parties, like Conservative Way Forward, which pushes the Thatcherite cause within the Conservative Party.

Business and Finance Gannett is going to cut as many as 2,000 more jobs
The company's net income in the first quarter was 60% below the net income in the same quarter of 2008. Saving newspapers from business oblivion is clearly a major task. It's bigger than just a matter of something like business succession. It's a matter of rebuilding institutions.

Threats and Hazards Slavery: It's still not gone

Broadcasting Podcast: Resilient Iowa
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Broadcasting Podcast: Saving family photos for good
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Water News Could you use 140,000 gallons of water in a month?

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