Gongol.com Archives: July 2009
Brian Gongol

July 6, 2009

Business and Finance Five big shortcomings in many business plans
Thinking that all you need is a small share of a big market or that the only thing that matters is having a lot of great talent aren't enough to get a business off the ground. But many businesses fail to keep up their strategic long-range planning once they get off the ground. That's a good way to fail in the long term.

The United States of America Survey says that the military is actually more moderate and independent than conservative and Republican
The officer corps does tend to be heavily weighted towards the GOP, but there are more enlisted members of the military than officers

Aviation News "I always feel like...somebody's watching me..."
A new satellite swarm put into the skies by Raytheon and the US Air Force can deliver high-quality images (in color or in other spectra altogether) within ten minutes of a request, more or less anywhere on the globe. Meantime, helium-filled balloons the size of a football field are being launched to provide surveillance for incoming cruise missiles.

Broadcasting Casey Kasem pulls the plug on his weekly countdown show
39 years of "American Top [well, it was 40 before he went to 20 and 10]" come to a close so he can "pursue other projects".

Water News Kansas probably won't stay quiet for $10,000

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