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Brian Gongol

August 5, 2009

Science and Technology The guy who founded the Eden Project really can't stand environmentalists
He may have founded a gigantic rainforest project in England, but he doesn't have any time for the people he calls the "open-toed sandal brigade," whom he thinks are out to "wag their fingers like Old Testament prophets" instead of figuring out ways people can maintain a modern standard of living but do so with environmental efficiency.

Business and Finance Radio Shack will drop "radio" from its name
Companies shouldn't just change their names to match what they think their regular customers call them. People come up with shorthand nicknames for things they refer to often -- but those shorthand nicknames don't usually mean a lot to newcomers or infrequent visitors. Thus "WDM" might be perfectly fine shorthand for people living in Central Iowa, but to someone living in Texas, there's no reason to intuit that it refers to "West Des Moines." "Radio Shack" may not be devoted exclusively to radios, but even infrequent visitors have an approximate idea of what they can buy there. Changing the official name of the place to "The Shack" deteriorates the brand value to the occasional visitor. Bad move.

News Robert Ballard wasn't just looking for the Titanic

Socialism Doesn't Work The wildly inefficient redistribution happening through "Cash for Clunkers"
The program's popularity may exceed its intended budget, but that doesn't make it a good program. It's wasteful and creates all kinds of bad incentives.

Business and Finance How to write an annual report
Annual reports aren't just good for large organizations -- they're good for small ones, as well

Water News 7 inches of rain overwhelm Louisville, KY

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