Gongol.com Archives: September 2009
Brian Gongol

September 4, 2009

Business and Finance Iowa's largest bank holds nearly as much foreclosed property as all Iowa banks combined did five years ago
Bankers Trust has $35.8 million in residential property, mainly because of the bankruptcy of Regency Homes

Science and Technology Bobby McFerrin and the neuroscientists
Really fascinating video from the World Science Festival about how we perceive music, particularly across cultures. This becomes especially interesting when one travels back in time thanks to the Internet and sees how much confusion already reigned in the mid-1990s about how the brain works, especially as it relates to identity. The rise of the Internet may have changed what we think about "where" our brains and identities live. As the brain/computer barrier falls even more, there are those who think that a sort of digital immortality is on the way.

Broadcasting Chinese state-run radio is now on the air in Honolulu
China's international radio arm is broadcasting on an AM station in Hawaii. Nobody should doubt how important international broadcasting is to diplomacy.

Science and Technology Computational biologists want to co-opt Google PageRank methodology for ecosystems
They figure that different plants and animals have different biological "ranks" based upon where they sit in the food chain, including what feeds on them and what they feed upon.

Computers and the Internet Restoration begins on the UK's oldest computer
It ran on tubes and paper tape

Water News Water and H1N1 flu

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