Gongol.com Archives: September 2009
Brian Gongol

September 9, 2009

Business and Finance Good work, America! Huge debt repayments continue
Americans are paying down household debt like crazy this year, with consumer credit of all types (credit cards, car loans, and so forth) falling by an annual rate of 10.5% in July. That makes for a record $21.6 billion decrease in borrowing. It's a huge decrease, even if we still collectively owe $2,472,053,800,000, or an average of $8,052 per person. At least this newfound frugality is a start.

Computers and the Internet AT&T says it just can't handle user demand created by the iPhone
Users appear to have placed demands on the service in excess of what AT&T's network could handle. Meanwhile, Americans generally pay far more for mobile phone service than people in other OECD countries.

Science and Technology May repairs to Hubble Space Telescope resulted in excellent new views of space

News Why some people are called "Black Irish"

Broadcasting Podcast: Walter Cronkite's legacy

Water News The people who value clean water are the ones who don't have it

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