Gongol.com Archives: September 2009
Brian Gongol

September 22, 2009

Health Problems with money (counting, purchasing, and bill-paying) may be an early signal of Alzheimer's
Study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that problems understanding and working with money could offer a reliable signal of which older people are likely to suffer from dementia

News Justice Scalia wants lawyers to start reading "good stuff", like The Economist

Computers and the Internet FCC's endorsement of "network neutrality" could be bad for Internet users

Health Stem cells can be snorted into the brain when properly suspended in fluid

Weather and Disasters The Atlantic hurricane season has been mercifully quiet so far
Halfway through, there have been only two full-fledged hurricanes...a far cry from recent years like 2005, when we ran out of names after 26 storms. But the winter storm season has already arrived in Colorado.

Computers and the Internet AT&T engineers team up with others to win Netflix Prize
$1 million for a 10% improvement in the quality of Netflix's movie recommendations. Inducement prizes work.

Computers and the Internet The new rules for dealing with today's technology
Some introductory rules for online behavior that everyone should know

Water News Massive flooding causes disaster all around Atlanta

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