Gongol.com Archives: October 2009
Brian Gongol

October 21, 2009

Computers and the Internet Facebook agrees to let Bing deliver search results based on Facebook status updates
Supposedly, it will apply only to people with public profiles. But errors, glitches, oversights, and unintended consequences in the public/private profile rules on Facebook have occurred before and they'll occur again. And even if the agreement presupposes that Bing will not be allowed to store old status updates in its records, that will hardly affect the decisions of third parties who might choose to catalog comments, just like we might catalog some of our favorite quotes. Once a cat of this type gets out of a bag, it stays out.

Science and Technology "Blue" roses created through gene splicing
Honestly, they look purple

News "Balloon boy" hoax is just another example of why news reporters have to learn to make important stories more interesting
Says one observer: "No, I don't blame the media for covering balloon boy. I do blame them for not finding ways to make these other stories just as scintillating." Exactly right. It's not as though Americans resent intelligence -- the main characters in TV shows like "House", "Lie to Me", "How I Met Your Mother", and "NCIS" are all clearly supposed to be smarter than everyone else around. Flawed, perhaps, but very smart. Our news reporters can show the same intelligence and still draw a big audience. Vin Scully is a master at telling a story about a baseball game in a way that can be superior to showing the same game on television.

Broadcasting NPR comes out with a radio-like wireless Internet device for picking up Internet streams
And here we've always been taught that gambling and pornography have driven online innovation. Turns out that insufferable blowhard Garrison Keillor might play a role, too.

Water News Grants available for stormwater management