Gongol.com Archives: October 2009
Brian Gongol

October 22, 2009

The American Way Don't believe people who talk about "economic multiplier effects"
Robert Barro, a Harvard economics professor, reports on a research paper he's doing that says new government spending tends to reduce the overall size of the economy by choking out private spending and investment. People who talk about "multiplier effects" are usually either misguided or deliberately trying to enrich themselves at public expense.

Health How to care for someone with H1N1 flu
It's a really brutal flu. Everything you've heard about how awful it is...is probably true. So sayeth the voice of experience.

Aviation News A "heated argument" is no excuse for flying 150 miles off course
...with 12 dozen passengers aboard. Definitely no excuse.

Humor and Good News Michelle Obama doesn't want you to "supersize" anything

Broadcasting How Mormonism has influenced Glenn Beck as a broadcast host
The strange evolution of Beck's schtick over the last couple of years has been disappointing. A few years ago, he was a funny and clever topical talk-show host. But with much of his time diverted to his work on cable television, Beck has become exhaustingly political. It's almost inevitable that most talk-show hosts will be driven to overdose on opinions, but Beck seemed to have things under control when he was working on radio alone. By adding television to the agenda, he stretched himself out over so many obligations that originality has been sacrificed.

Humor and Good News How college football is like going to church in ancient Rome

Computers and the Internet Open-source type font families
Because they're open-source, they don't cost any money -- and some are quite attractive

Water News Small jet fuel spill raises alert at Quad Cities airport

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