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Brian Gongol

October 26, 2009

Computers and the Internet Google will now search through Twitter updates, too
Twitter has been lucky so far. It's managed to capture a huge share of a previously-unrecognized market for very short comments ("microblogging", if one must have a word for it). But it can't stay on top of the market indefinitely, since there's really nothing about the service itself that's ultimately unique. It's nothing more than a glorified RSS feed for short bursts of data. Someone will eventually find a way to deliver the same service more reliably (Twitter is notorious for crashing often) and with some sort of feature that draws participants away. Google, though, is probably smart for starting to troll Twitter for data, since it's self-evident that some sort of public micro-message service will be here to stay. Of course, that doesn't mean that people using those services will think before they type, as they ought to.

Business and Finance Facebook campaign demands that politicians "end poverty now"
The emptiness of these kinds of protests is really disheartening. We already have a very clear path towards "ending poverty": Free markets under the rule of law. It's worked for the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, the UK, Australia, and many other nations. The end of poverty won't arrive because a bunch of people talk about it on Facebook. A preponderance of the poverty in the world can probably be blamed on bad governments that do too much.

Computers and the Internet FCC chair worries that we don't have enough spectrum to handle smartphones
Smartphones (like the iPhone and BlackBerry) use a lot of bandwidth to get Internet access, and as demand keeps rising, that bandwidth is going to be consumed quickly

Iowa UNI's Baker Hall is scheduled for demolition
It'll be an unfortunate loss, considering Baker Hall still retains Art Deco features from its construction that still manage to show up despite years of drab renovations that have stripped it of some of its original character.

News Newspaper circulation continues to decline at a high rate
That doesn't mean that newspapers are dead -- but it does mean they have to evolve

Humor and Good News How to keep your user information away from Google
(Video) The Onion knows parody

Water News Water pollution costs Exxon Mobil $105 million

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