Gongol.com Archives: October 2009
Brian Gongol

October 27, 2009

Humor and Good News Fidel Castro's little sister spied on him for the CIA

Business and Finance Estimate figures that half of Americans will have lower living standards in retirement
There just isn't enough saving and it doesn't start soon enough

Agriculture Where will the next generation of plant scientists come from?

Aviation News Distracted Northwest Airlines pilots were on their laptops

Threats and Hazards Somehow, astronomers missed a 30-foot-wide asteroid
It blew apart in Earth's atmosphere on October 8th over Indonesia. But even though it didn't cause any damage on the ground, the problem is that we didn't even see it coming. And the even bigger problem continues to be that we are insufficiently prepared as a species to either fending off a massive collision with something from space or recovering from the effects if such a collision happens. A big enough asteroid could put up a huge dust cloud which could wreak serious havoc on crops -- but since we don't store enough food for an emergency, we're unprepared for that eventuality and people will end up starving. Not everyone, to be sure, but far too many people.