Gongol.com Archives: October 2009
Brian Gongol

October 29, 2009

Computers and the Internet Motorola Droid will include Google-based satellite navigation
It does seem to be poised to make life difficult for paid-GPS services like the TomTom

Computers and the Internet GAO worries about what might happen to the Internet if a bunch of people are home sick with the flu
The GAO is concerned that lots of absenteeism could increase demand on residential Internet service providers in case of a severe flu (or other epidemic) outbreak, which could in turn cause a lot of headaches for people who regularly work from home. A lot probably depends on whether people staying at home rely more on Hulu to entertain themselves or Cracked.

Aviation News Pilot dies ditching plane in the Caribbean, but saves his passengers

Broadcasting BBC managers get pay cut
Times are tough in the broadcasting industry -- even for those who work for an organization funded by a national tax

Humor and Good News At least some real scientists enjoy their comedic counterparts on "Big Bang Theory"
Chuck Lorre certainly seems to be putting a lot more of his energy and creativity into "Big Bang Theory" than he's put into his other show, "Two and a Half Men", for quite some time.

Broadcasting New book reveals dirt from behind the scenes at "The Simpsons"

Broadcasting Podcast: Gravy. Yes, gravy.

Water News Record-wet October closing with even more precipitation

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