Gongol.com Archives: November 2009
Brian Gongol

November 9, 2009

The American Way 20 years ago today, the Berlin Wall came tumbling down
One of the greatest days of the 20th Century. News coverage from the day offers a strange flashback. Today, Eastern Europe is mostly working under free markets and the rule of law. It's worth watching a retrospective video of the event to help realize just how far the world has progressed since then.

Health Radiation saves the life of the kid who tried to escape cancer treatment
The kid who, with his mother, tried to flee the country to avoid a court order for his medical treatment is now cancer-free. Medical treatment saved his life; their erroneous religious delusions did not.

Computers and the Internet Rupert Murdoch thinks his news websites can survive without search traffic
That assumes a whole lot of brand value and brand magnetism that simply doesn't exist, except perhaps for the Wall Street Journal

The United States of America Is the free market the only remaining attractor to the GOP?
For the young, quite possibly. Hangups on social issues, popular with some members of the Republican Party, look cranky and anachronistic to young voters now. And they'll look even worse in a few years when the rest of society moves along.

News Poorly-designed condo tips over
All 12 stories of it. Related: Dozens of very tall buildings are frozen in mid-construction.

Business and Finance See inside the mind of Warren Buffett

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