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Brian Gongol

November 17, 2009

The American Way 20th anniversary of the Czech "Velvet Revolution"
A moment well worth celebrating

News Transparency, schmansparency: Government "stimulus" figures make up Congressional districts
It's quite impossible to "create" jobs in Congressional districts that don't exist. Of course, the government doesn't "create" jobs anyway. They shuffle money from taxes collected from people and companies that are doing work and use that money to subsidize work elsewhere and by others -- and not especially well. The government claims that 123 jobs in the Virgin Islands have been "created or saved" at a price of $93.2 million, or $757,700 per job. If that's not obscene inefficiency, it's hard to tell what is.

Threats and Hazards Near-anarchy in parts of Mexico
Episodes of violence there are starting to reach into the United States. Among other things, drug prohibition makes the drug trade very lucrative for criminal organizations.

News Guantanamo on the Mississippi
A mostly-empty prison just outside the Mississippi River in Illinois is being considered as a location for detainees being moved out of Guantanamo Bay

Humor and Good News The President's teleprompter problem at home
(Video) Another excellent piece of work by The Onion

Broadcasting "I don't know how Hannity, Beck, and Olbermann look at themselves in the mirror"

Broadcasting Podcast: You are "You, Inc." -- even if you don't know it

Water News Leaks and losses form an "invisible river"

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