Gongol.com Archives: November 2009
Brian Gongol

November 25, 2009

Science and Technology Better security through paint
The University of Tokyo has come up with a kind of paint that works like a Faraday cage to block wireless signals from escaping a home. Good for blocking the escape of WiFi computer network data. Bad for radio reception.

Business and Finance IRS plans to snoop on credit cards
From the agency: "The new law requires banks and other payment settlement entities to report payment card and third-party network transactions with their participating merchants." More paperwork -- much like the policy going into effect December 1st that requires lots of new disclosures about Internet content and sponsorships -- that will require lots more work and doesn't even seem likely to produce any substantial benefits.

Futurism A variety of visions of Chicago's future
We've practically arrived in 2010, which means that we're almost as close to 2020 (moving forward) as to 2000 (in the past). That's a reality check, to be sure.

Health Family tragedy compels radio host to promote H1N1 vaccinations
There are lots of idiots on the radio now promoting an anti-vaccination movement driven by pure ignorance. It's unfortunate that a family loss occurred, but it's good to hear that someone is using the airwaves to promote good. Vaccinations work.

Water News Flood debris collection ends in Cedar Rapids

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