Gongol.com Archives: December 2009
Brian Gongol

December 16, 2009

Business and Finance House of Representatives increases Federal debt limit by $290 billion
Really? $290 billion? Isn't anyone even the least bit outraged anymore? That's about the size of the Department of Defense budget back in 2001. This kind of borrowing cannot go on forever. They're pouring money into $174 billion packages for "job creation" without acknowledging that the spending has to come back around and pay off to the tune of $300 billion in tax payments sooner or later, just to pay down the debt it creates.

Computers and the Internet McDonald's will start offering free WiFi access at 11,000 of its US locations next year
That's out of a total of about 13,000 restaurants. It will make for a huge network of free hotspots around the country, and the company is probably just hoping that it'll pay for itself in sales of coffee and McRibs. They're probably right; the power of reciprocity is pretty enormous.