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Brian Gongol

December 26, 2009

Business and Finance Consider the source: Financial edition
A brief and sharp-witted look at how atrocious the financial advice really is in American business magazines. And, unfortunately, not only are people drowning in terrible advice, they're quite possibly on the verge of being taxed on financial transactions, which will almost undoubtedly fail to have the intended effect (slowing thoughtless trading in things like derivatives) and will almost certainly have terrible unintended consequences (like cheating millions of hard-working investors out a portion of their retirement savings). And, all the while, stockholders will continue to be railroaded by pathetically weak boards of directors and pathologically disinterested mutual-fund managers into overpaying business executives for poor performance, which only further serves to steal from their just earnings.

Socialism Doesn't Work Oppose the Chinese government, get 11 years in prison

Broadcasting Podcast: People are good. Really.

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