Gongol.com Archives: January 2010
Brian Gongol

January 6, 2010

Science and Technology New space telescope finds five more new planets
It's estimated that we Earthlings have found 422 planets outside the Solar System so far. 422! The really mind-boggling part is that we only found the first solid evidence of exoplanets in 1989.

Broadcasting On-demand radio: How much of the last decade's economic growth has been phony?

Broadcasting On-demand radio: The Mac-vs-PC debate

Humor and Good News The best episode yet of "Better Off Ted"
(Video) It's almost as funny as a music video starring a bunch of chimps and monkeys

The American Way January 2010 edition of the EconDirectory
Hundreds of sites where links, commentary, and analysis about business and economics are updated regularly. Others call it the "econoblogosphere", but that's a painfully clunky and jargon-drenched phrase. But if there's a definitive directory to this medium, it's here.

Water News Why knock-off products are bad for consumers

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