Gongol.com Archives: January 2010
Brian Gongol

January 19, 2010

Weather and Disasters US helicopters land on front lawn of Haitian presidential palace
What appears to be a complete failure of the Haitian government as a result of the earthquake could really find no better metaphor. As people rush to donate money to the relief effort, it seems logical to place those donations with Catholic Relief Services, which already has at least some existing infrastructure for aid distribution in the country. The process in Haiti will migrate from the immediate need to extract people from the rubble into the short-term need to get them medical aid, water, and food, to the medium-term need to get the country's economy restarted. In the long term, we should not be surprised if Haiti or other Caribbean islands consider applying to become part of the United States. There's no question that the relief effort in Haiti would have been conducted much differently had the same disaster occurred in Puerto Rico. Related: Even the Congo is sending relief money to Haiti.

Computers and the Internet Vintage ads from Apple Computer
The fonts and styles are dated. But the really eye-popping part is to look at the technical specifications: 64 kilobytes of RAM? Cassette tapes for memory? Monochrome displays? 300-baud modems? Oh, yes, kids: We lived like that.

News Yushchenko loses Ukranian presidential race
Now, a run-off between another "Orange Revolution" leader and the guy who was originally backed by Russia to win five years ago

Humor and Good News The 1985 Bears are out to reprise the "Super Bowl Shuffle"

Water News Spencer gets $146,000 to help with sewer separation

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