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Brian Gongol

February 1, 2010

Business and Finance The "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" project is really just making its salespeople rich
The initial book by Robert Kiyosaki wasn't anything remarkably good nor bad -- though it was so poorly edited as to be distracting to read. If the fundamental message taken away is that one is better off acquiring useful assets instead of buying stuff that just depreciates, then it's been taken correctly. But the trademark has apparently been licensed to a seminar company in Canada that's using the name to upsell, upsell, and upsell some more -- with courses costing as much as $45,000. In reality, people can get an outstanding education in personal finance by reading just ten books. For those whose attention spans won't permit that much reading, "What I wish someone would have told me about investing when I was 22" would be a good start.

Broadcasting Keeping one's composure
An archival recording of a BBC newscast from 1940, during which the studio itself is hit by a bomb. The newscaster just kept on reading.

Humor and Good News Living up to one's potential
An updated list of ages at which major figures achieved the things that made them remarkable, now sortable by the age of the person and the year in which it happened. Useful for illustrating that one is never too young, nor too old, to have a great idea.

Health Why dirty old men are good for the species
If older men chase younger women, they may end up passing along genes selected for longevity

Health This is why health care costs go out of control
The fastest-growing type of cosmetic surgery in the UK is breast reductions for men. Because more exercise and fewer calories are apparently too much to ask.

Broadcasting Podcast: When Chinese propaganda hits American airwaves

Water News How water utilities are preparing for climate change

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