Gongol.com Archives: February 2010
Brian Gongol

February 9, 2010

News Lasting success is a matter of getting the little things right with mind-numbing consistency
An amazing number of people seem to think that they can succeed on a fast track -- a perfect example is the person who thinks he'll become wealthy if only he can get five minutes of face time with Warren Buffett or the one who thinks she'll become an overnight sensation if only Simon Cowell will listen to her demo tape. There is no such short-circuit to durable success.

Science and Technology A history of the world, documented via objects
If the objects all around us are really just aggregations of the accumulated knowledge of all human history, then the BBC's attractive display of those objects might be one of the best history lessons around

Science and Technology British company figures out how to make pressure-sensitive screens
And Samsung is among the companies that have licensed the technology.

Computers and the Internet Should Apple keep an exclusive agreement with AT&T to sell the iPhone?
Short answer: It's a bad business decision, but it's nothing for the government to step in and break up

Health Retinal implants could allow the blind to see well enough to navigate a room

Water News Iowa Legislature puts stamp of approval on new water-quality rules

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