Gongol.com Archives: March 2010
Brian Gongol

March 3, 2010

Health Which health supplements have substantiated benefits?
A fascinating display of quantitative data evaluating which supplements are useful and which are snake oil. Easy to use -- downright intuitive. An excellent display of valuable information.

Computers and the Internet Since late January, Russia has vastly overtaken China as the biggest producer of spam

Humor and Good News A Rube Goldberg-themed music video from OK Go
(Video) Almost impossibly complex. Perhaps the most impressive part is the deft footwork required of the camera operator.

The United States of America In which religions are the highest incomes found?

News Is a happy cow going to slaughter better off than one that never existed at all?

Humor and Good News When everyone around you appears to be crazy, you might very well be the only sane one left
(Video) Improv group pulls off a spontaneous birthday party in a bar for an unsuspecting patron

Water News Iowa's proposed lake-nutrient rules to be paused and overhauled

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