Gongol.com Archives: March 2010
Brian Gongol

March 14, 2010

Business and Finance Should we have bailed out the banks and the automakers?
Margaret Thatcher said this 30 years ago this month: "Too much money spent by Government has gone to support industries which have made and are continuing to make heavy losses. The future requires that industry adapt to produce goods that will sell in tomorrow's world. Older industries that can't change must be slimmed down and their skills transferred to new products if they are to serve the nation."

Business and Finance 27% of Americans haven't saved anything for retirement
And more than half have less than $25,000 saved up. Only a third have $50,000 or more in savings -- retirement or otherwise. Considering that a nest egg of almost a million dollars is what's really required to retire comfortably and with confidence that it won't run out, we have a nation in serious savings trouble.

Humor and Good News A trailer for every Academy Award-winning movie ever
(Video) Hilarious

Computers and the Internet Why kids shouldn't be allowed to use YouTube without supervision