Gongol.com Archives: March 2010
Brian Gongol

March 22, 2010

Computers and the Internet Google moves its Chinese operations to Hong Kong
It's an interesting move -- apparently Google is serious about resisting the demands placed upon it by the Communist government, and they're going to provide daily updates on which services are available, partially blocked, and totally blocked within China.

Humor and Good News "My Super Sweet 16" given the most brilliant treatment ever
(Video - with foul language) Charlie Brooker is a television genius. The use of "cosseted flesh-waste", "Al Qaeda recruitment film," and "on your knees praying for a nuclear holocaust" are put to magnificent effect. Brooker's show "Newswipe" was similarly brilliant (another outstanding video makes that case).

Business and Finance How much is a year of work really worth?
Comparative one-year salaries (and total pay) for a range of different jobs

Science and Technology Estimated frequencies of personality types in the population
If the structure of the Myers-Briggs personality inventory is to be believed, then there might be very good reason why some people seem so unusual. They might be among some of the lesser-common personality types. Assuming that many people might only have a hundred or two hundred reasonably close friends and associates, there's a good chance they might only know one or two people with a particular personality type.

Broadcasting Podcast: Test your product before you unleash it on the public

Broadcasting Podcast: How to preserve the genius of good minds in aging bodies

Water News A trillion gallons of water lost every year to leaks

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