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Brian Gongol

April 4, 2010

The American Way EconDirectory update for April 4, 2010

News Israeli government plans $214 million project over five years for Arab towns
The project is intended to improve the infrastructure for Arab communities within Israel, and it's a step towards an essential objective. There will never be a permanent peace in or around Israel until prosperity arrives for all of Israel's neighbors. It is untenable to expect peace to endure when the Palestinian Authority governs a region where the per-capita GDP is $2,900 per year right next to Israel, where the equivalent figure is almost exactly ten times greater. The Palestinian Authority needs economic prosperity and the rule of law -- the two must go hand-in-hand.

News GPS data from New York cabs shows just how slow travel can be
Most cars in Manhattan are moving at around 10 miles an hour. The lack of comparable congestion in a place like Des Moines is a little-considered but highly valuable matter of quality of life.

News Newspaper advertising revenue is down almost 50% since 2005
And in other media-related news, Andy Richter is still angry at Jay Leno. He should be.

Computers and the Internet Firefox issues a security update

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