Gongol.com Archives: April 2010
Brian Gongol

April 19, 2010

Business and Finance Shareholders should be livid with rage over executive compensation
CBS paid its CEO $43.2 million last year. That's completely insane in a country where median household income is about $51,000 a year. It is positively impossible to believe that Les Moonves is creating more value for CBS than could be obtained by hiring 432 other employees for $100,000 a year (twice the nation's median household income). CBS shareholders should be absolutely beside themselves with rage over that kind of overpayment. Hire 432 good minds at $100,000 a year, and you'll get vastly more value for the money than for overpaying one solitary executive. This kind of over-payment of executives constitutes one of the greatest rip-offs of capitalism ever, and shareholders should be voting complicit board members out of office and booting overpaid executives like there's no tomorrow.

Weather and Disasters UK to send its navy out to rescue stranded Brits
It's interesting what citizenship and a good passport can do for a person: Carrying an American passport, for instance, means that the 101st Airborne has your back anywhere on the planet.

Humor and Good News How to pronounce the name of the problematic volcano in Iceland
The comments, being YouTube comments, are mainly nonsense and stupidity. But whomever wrote "Stop laughing at people who can't pronounce its name, and repair your volcano" has a good sense of humor.

Humor and Good News Font-finding flowchart
For those times when you're not sure whether to go with Frutiger or Myriad. Follow the trail that leads to Comic Sans for a good laugh.

Water News Iowa wastewater systems in limbo as new rules await EPA approval

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