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Brian Gongol

April 28, 2010

Threats and Hazards Everyone needs to know some self-defense
A man stabbed 28 children and three adults in a Chinese nursery school. We can't predict when these kinds of terrible things might occur -- and for most people, they never will. But imagine the feeling of powerlessness you might have if you'd been there but had no skills with which to stop the attack. Martial arts like Tae Kwon-Do aren't perfect insurance against any situation, but they're vastly better than having no techniques at all.

Health Colon cancer deaths could be cut by 40% or more by a single test

Humor and Good News Entertainment at the expense of scammers
A Chicago radio host named John Williams likes going back-and-forth with the scammers who try to steal money from unsuspecting e-mail recipients. Not recommended behavior, unless you're already a public figure like Williams. Besides, he's much funnier at it than most people could be.

News Feel above average without even trying
The world's median age is 27.75 years...so there's a very good chance that if you're living in a wealthy country, you're above-average. At least in age.

Humor and Good News Six supposedly-ancient traditions that aren't

Humor and Good News Losing a battle with your own flip-flop sandals
(Video) A case study in why it's a bad idea to get too intoxicated (by alcohol and/or drugs) in public now that we're in the YouTube era. The guy caught on video doesn't hurt anyone in the painful process of trying to get his sandals on, but the video would provide water-tight evidence against him for a public intoxication charge.

The United States of America $900,000 donation from Hugh Hefner saves "Hollywood" sign
A conservation needed the Playboy icon's help to buy the land around the sign. It's interesting what people will do with a huge pile of money.

Water News Iowa regulators think our water is in bad shape, but getting better

Broadcasting Podcast: What's so admirable about a Century Farm

Broadcasting Podcast: How to protect a new computer

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