Gongol.com Archives: May 2010
Brian Gongol

May 23, 2010

News A life without multitasking
Writer AJ Jacobs conducts a lot of personal experiments to see what might happen if he changes his environment. One such experiment involved taking up a solitary task at a time, eliminating all multi-tasking. Why? Because it turns out we're pretty lousy at maintaining any useful focus on anything more than a single task at a time anyway. Jacobs makes it a funny experiment anyway.

Computers and the Internet The future belongs to those with good judgment
As cadets graduate from the American military academies, it's worth considering whether they face trouble if they aren't allowed to encounter certain tools while they're in the academy experience -- a relevant question, considering the military's repeated flirtations with bans on tools like Facebook. We don't want leaders who are disengaged. A cadet at a military academy needs to know how to judge and when to walk away from Facebook, not to be oblivious to its existence.