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Brian Gongol

May 29, 2010

Iowa Never understimate the value of knowledge transfer
When delegates from 29 countries show up in a small town like Grundy Center, Iowa, to learn how they teach physical education, it's a clear sign that we still haven't achieved the age of perfect information. The Internet has done a lot to improve the transfer and exchange of knowledge, but there are still some things that require direct personal experience to be learned.

News How useful is a site like Wikileaks?
Wikileaks, which bills itself as a repository for leaked documents and information as an aid to government transparency and public accountability, has been working through some serious financial problems. Interestingly, it's also engaged in a battle with some publications over whose rules to follow. On one hand, there's no doubt that there are secrets being withheld from public view that need to see the light of day. But on the other, we all have secrets of our own, and somewhere, someone has to draw the line about what's public and what's private. Most people probably don't want anyone "leaking" information about their bedroom habits -- and many businesses have a definitive right to retain proprietary knowledge and information in confidentiality. In an age when Google can start a diplomatic row with China, the importance of Internet communications, privacy, and censorship cannot be overstated.

Humor and Good News "Othello", remade with the help of a sassy gay friend
(Video) Hilarious

Broadcasting Why was radio advertising too complex for Google to handle?

Broadcasting How the BBC reported on D-Day

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