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Brian Gongol

May 31, 2010

Broadcasting The future of advertising...maybe
LG has a rather artful 7-minute short film on the Internet that doubles as an ad for their televisions and other consumer electronics. Interesting stuff. At the very least, it acknowledges that advertising requires an exchange of value between the consumer and the company hoping to get the consumer to take action. If a short film creates adequate value, then it's a wise decision.

Health Video of an infant's cochlear implant activation
(Video) Cochlear implants are a fascinating subject in medicine: They're an amazing technology, but there's also a reasonable debate about whether they're appropriate to surgically implant in a young child whose brain is obviously exposed to risk while the surgery is taking place. We should not be surprised, though, if bionic implants of all sorts -- for hearing, vision, internal organs, and so forth -- become quite routine in the not-so-distant future.

Humor and Good News How to teach CPR
It turns out there's a much sexier approach than messing around with Rescue Annie

News Comedian-led party gets biggest share of seats on Reykjavik city council
It's called the "Best Party" and seems to stand mainly for protest against whomever's already in office, which, given Iceland's economic troubles lately, is probably all anyone needs to stand for to get elected

Broadcasting Notes from the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - May 30, 2010
Running out of time to control the debt...leisure time and its inequities...and the echo-chamber story of the hour

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