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Brian Gongol

June 4, 2010

Socialism Doesn't Work Lest anyone forget: Medicare costs about half a trillion dollars a year
As the Federal debt crosses the $13 trillion mark, there's no escaping the fact that health care consumes a huge portion of the American economy, and the Federal budget as well. Thus, in a sense, the Federal budget is a matter of life and death. And if we keep kicking the can down the road and pretending as though the budget isn't in a crisis situation, then people may very well end up dead because of our irresponsibility today.

Computers and the Internet Don't tweet while angry
A man who was mad about getting stuck because of a snowbound airport in Britain made the mistake this January of threatening to "blow the airport sky-high" via Twitter. THe authorities took him seriously and say it's a police-worthy threat. In a similar vein, AT&T has learned a costly lesson after sending a cease-and-desist e-mail threat to a complaintive customer -- who turned around and made the dispute very, very public.

Humor and Good News The right eyeglasses make all the difference

News Pro-God bus ads get the most complaints of any advertising in the UK

Business and Finance Breathless analysis of Microsoft misses the point
The company has had a series of commercial failures, but its core business remains solidly profitable and the company has a fortress-like balance sheet, which allows it to take risks and fail without threatening its long-term existence.

Water News When the sewers overflow, what should the EPA do?

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