Gongol.com Archives: June 2010
Brian Gongol

June 21, 2010

The American Way A fine obituary to a mostly-unknown guardian of the light of classical liberalism
The Economist pays tribute to a long-time deputy editor who "kept the flame of free-market thinking burning during the long night of collectivism." Ideas matter.

News CNN drops its subscription to the Associated Press
It's significant news for news junkies -- a sign that the AP is in serious trouble. There's more competition than ever for the delivery of news content, and the over-use of AP wire content has made a lot of journalistic outlets sloppy and lazy.

Humor and Good News How to care for your baby

Science and Technology A map of the progress of the Sun across the daytime sky
Twice a day in the summertime, the Sun is north of due east, even north of the Tropics. Important information to remember should one ever become lost in a forest.

Business and Finance "Sonic branding"
The BBC takes a look at the rise of the "sonic brand" -- the most famous example of which is likely the "bongs" micro-jingle from Intel. The story is best heard, perhaps, through the radio program upon which the news story is based.

Graphics Graphic of the day: Charter & Atlantic

Broadcasting Podcast: As we cross the danger bridge

Broadcasting Podcast: What you put on Facebook, stays on Facebook (or at least on the Internet)

Water News Flooding continues in Iowa and Nebraska

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