Gongol.com Archives: June 2010
Brian Gongol

June 29, 2010

Business and Finance Prediction: BP will almost certainly change names within 18 months
Independent retailers carrying the BP sign are getting hammered by customer boycotts -- to the tune of as much as 40% cuts to their regular volume of business. That's patently unsustainable, and it's entirely the fault of the negative brand equity that the BP name now carries as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Toyota and its dealers seem to have survived the brake and acceleration problems that surfaced a few months ago without a lot of permanent damage; BP, on the other hand, looks like a mortally-wounded brand.

News Russian spy teams had kids to help protect their cover
That's an incredible level of commitment to country, isn't it? One US official says the Russian intelligence service is "crapping in their pants" with fear, now that their American operation has been blown.

The United States of America Chicago in moving pictures and color from 1948
Complete with over-enthusiastic voice-over narrative

News "Reality and capitalism have now caught up with the French press"
A group of tycoons have won a bid to take over Le Monde, France's newspaper of record, rescuing it from bankruptcy

Humor and Good News Not the kind of guy you'd expect to see dancing to Lady Gaga

Broadcasting Is WGN "no longer the station that mid-America knows and trusts"?
The former morning host says that's his fear, now that the company has booted Steve Cochran, who was one of the last remaining topical-but-not-overtly-political hosts on the station. Too bad; Cochran made great radio.

Science and Technology The Milky Way as a subway map
Helpful? Maybe. But at least an amusing curiosity. Related: Bing now offers a sketched-on-a-napkin feature for its printable maps. Very creative.

Humor and Good News Why we only take a few help-desk calls on the WHO Radio Wise Guys
It's hard to tell whether any given call will make a lot of sense, or whether it'll be like the woman who can't figure out how to stop the Pacman music. A callscreener can only do so much to help.

Water News Saylorville Dam is going to be overtopped again