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Brian Gongol

July 2, 2010

Iowa So, you want to gamble on resurrection, do you?
The Iowa state legislature has been advised by its Legislative Services Agency that it's going to have to clarify some of the rules regarding who has responsibility for ensuring that peoples' final wishes are carried out. That's because a brother and sister who were co-administrators of their brother's estate didn't turn over his head to be cryogenically frozen, as he had signed a contract to request before he died. Another case where the law is failing to keep up with science.

Humor and Good News How to speak English like an Irishman
Irish slang is pretty colorful. Some of the funniest can be heard in the "Nob Nation" podcast.

Business and Finance Blockbuster Video bumped from the New York Stock Exchange
The company is trying to restructure $930 million in debt -- almost a billion dollars -- as it loses market share to competitors like Redbox and Netflix. It's a dramatic example of creative destruction: Technology is making life better for consumers (we wouldn't be using Netflix and Redbox if we didn't like them better), but it's hard on the companies that don't adapt swiftly enough. And don't imagine that change won't come to unexpected places: A brand-new hospital in Scotland is staffed heavily by robots, and their presence is expected to do a lot of good by reducing things like cross-contamination from one sick person to another. But this kind of change is going to put some health-care workers out of employment.

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Water News An EF4 tornado hit northwestern Iowa a few days ago

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