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Brian Gongol

July 3, 2010

The United States of America Constitutionalists come in all flavors
The ACLU has issued a list of rights people should know when traveling for the Fourth of July. What's interesting is the number of self-identified "Constitutionalists" who would accuse the ACLU of being anti-American. Undoubtedly an ACLU advocate would argue his or her Constitutionalist credentials just as eagerly and vigorously as any Tea Party enthusiast. And both have a right to do so. Neither would be correct to do so to the exclusion of the other.

The United States of America The Declaration of Independence in 140 characters

Broadcasting Show notes from the WHO Radio Wise Guys - July 3, 2010
Including notes on cloud seeding, Google's "Caffeine" approach to web searches, and great voices in GPS history

Iowa A compendium of links for watching Saylorville Lake
The 2010 floods are subsiding, but this set of links has been much-needed for some time

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