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Brian Gongol

July 20, 2010

Science and Technology NASA offers a Moon-base video game
It's designed to encourage interest in space and science among students. But what they really ought to think about doing is building some kind of distributed computing project into the background -- especially if it could be the kind of distributed computing that requires some kind of human intervention for something like pattern recognition. Then it would be both a promotional tool and a useful scientific instrument. Related: Airbus has released pictures of a concept airplane for travel in 2050, which may sound like it's far away, but really isn't. 2050 is only as far in the future as 1970 is in the past. And in terms of passenger-miles flown, Americans are flying five times as much today as we were in 1970, so a lot can change in 40 years. Then again, a lot can remain the same: The Boeing 747 had just entered service in 1970.

Business and Finance How day-traders and computer algorithms are messing up the stock market
Oddly enough, understanding how things are working in the stock market now requires understanding Benoit Mandelbrot's work in fractal mathematics. It's not enough to just "like" a business or have a good feeling about it anymore.

Health The Jenny McCarthy Body Count
McCarthy and other celebrities are indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people due to preventable diseases -- people who might have lived if vaccines weren't under continued absurd and groundless attack by those celebrities

Humor and Good News A chimpanzee playing baseball
(Video) It's much funnier than a person could normally imagine

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