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Brian Gongol

August 1, 2010

Socialism Doesn't Work President Obama claims credit for saving Detroit jobs
But the bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler cost a fortune -- and racked up a costly bill we're going to have to pay, with interest, sometime in the future. The government simply didn't "create" 55,000 jobs. The government borrowed the cost of 55,000 jobs from China and other creditor nations, who in turn will be charging interest to generations of Americans to come. So it wasn't a job-creation measure, it was a job-shifting measure from future workers to today's workers. Not unrelatedly, Ford is about to sell Volvo to a Chinese automaker for $1.8 billion, in yet another asset transfer from the Western countries to China and other nations, the type of which will look ever more familiar all the time as they increase in frequency. But things are going to keep on looking more uncertain all the time, since Chinese ratings agencies are judging America a worse credit risk than China.

Health A friendship a day keeps the doctor away?
A study of 148 existing studies suggests that "social ties" -- friendships, that would be -- are as important to an individual's health as working out and eating right

Humor and Good News Pabst sells a version of PBR for $44 a bottle in China
Now that's marketing

Science and Technology Being a vegetarian might not be as Earth-friendly as it may superficially seem
Edamame might be "green", but Mother Jones magazine claims that producing tofurkey might put just as much stress on the environment as the equivalent turkey

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