Gongol.com Archives: August 2010
Brian Gongol

August 29, 2010

Business and Finance Megachurches appear to be relatively recession-proof
While one would be wrong to impugn the beliefs of the attendees, there's no escaping the fact that at least some leaders of these churches are using faith to enrich themselves. Some churches are far more "business" than "charity".

Computers and the Internet Indian government threatens to shut down BlackBerry service
They're citing security concerns as the reason

Weather and Disasters After 400 years of dormancy, an Indonesian volcano comes back to life
No casualties are reported yet, but how many other "dormant" volcanoes aren't really as sleepy as we think they are?

Business and Finance The more the government has fiddled with the economy, the harder it becomes to make projections
Government interventions have been hugely expensive, and some of them are having perverse effects as they change, evolve, and expire -- like the way that the expiration of homebuyer tax credits has squished the housing market lately. Some government intervention in the economy will always be necessary -- but it should always seek to be as minimal as possible.

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