Gongol.com Archives: August 2010
Brian Gongol

August 31, 2010

Computers and the Internet 30 old computer ads
A 10-megabyte hard disk once cost $3500. Today, a 10-Mb email attachment is no big deal. The really interesting part is to consider how archaic today's computer-related ads will look in 20 years.

Weather and Disasters A report from Pakistan
The nation's devastating flooding is causing real and significant human suffering

Threats and Hazards Russian prime minister Putin says protesters should expect to get hit on the head by police
If that kind of language doesn't recall Soviet-era prohibitions on protest and free speech, what does? The world needs Russia to be prosperous and free.

News US Army colonel booted from Afghanistan in part for criticizing PowerPoint
Bullet-pointed slides are no substitute for clear thinking, but the colonel thinks the bullet points are winning out

Weather and Disasters Hurricane Earl could hit New York City
And it's doubtful the city is adequately prepared. Related: What everyone should have in a "go bag" in case of emergency.

Science and Technology "Skeptical environmentalist" Lomborg now thinks $100 billion a year would be a good investment in fixing climate change

Humor and Good News MyWifeKnowsEverything at the finish
(Video) Two oddly-named horses finish one-two

Weather and Disasters Golfer accidentally causes 25-acre fire
Somehow, a bad swing in a rocky patch of rough caused a spark, igniting a whole bunch of dry brush. Bizarre.

Aviation News Justice Department clears the way for United and Continental Airlines to merge

Broadcasting Prediction: BP will change its corporate name sometime in the next 18 months

Broadcasting Why Apple seems just a little bit Stalinist

Water News Dozens permanently kicked out of Nebraska mobile-home park because of a broken septic system

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