Gongol.com Archives: September 2010
Brian Gongol

September 1, 2010

News How to prepare for disasters: Plan to get out and to communicate
To all those people who ask, "Why would I want to learn how to send a text message?", here's one answer: During a disaster, phone networks are often overloaded. But text messages take up so little space in the radio spectrum that they can often be delivered when full-fledged calls won't pass. It's like the question, "Why should I learn self-defense?" -- the answer isn't always obvious. But when mob violence breaks out at a music festival, it's too late to try to learn how to defend oneself.

Computers and the Internet Chinese family ordered to change their name because it contains a rare character
Apparently, that character is so rare that Chinese government computers can't handle it, meaning they can't be issued ID cards, so they're being ordered to change their name.

Computers and the Internet British advertising regulator adds company websites and Twitter accounts to its watchlists

Business and Finance The (Chicago) Tribune Co. is moving its back office to Texas
There's undoubtedly supposed to be some logic to the move, but it's hard to see what that would be, considering the company's largest operations are far away from Texas.

News Quick-thinking 8-year-old slams window on arm of intruder

Water News Outgoing DNR director comments on Lake Delhi flooding-related pollution

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