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Brian Gongol

September 6, 2010

The American Way The EconDirectory for September 2010
Hundreds of websites with opinions, news, and commentary on business and economics

Humor and Good News The funniest car review ever
(Video) Few cars get tested for their worthiness as amphibious assault vehicles

News The humanitarian crisis in Pakistan
The immediate disaster caused by flooding is being compounded by the inadequacy of the humanitarian response

Science and Technology Video of gorillas in the wild
(Video) Because there's always something interesting about watching our evolutionary cousins in their natural habitat

Humor and Good News How the Stivers Ford jingle came into being
(Video) The (un)true story of how a local car commercial found its jingle

Health Aspirin: Good for those who think they're having heart attacks
But variations on an e-mail recommending the use of aspirin for this purpose also tend to get littered with junk advice, like a (pointless) suggestion that the heart attack victim not lie down. More than anything, the key is to initiate the emergency response by calling 911 and requesting an ambulance. A follow-up aspirin probably helps.

Broadcasting Legal IDs from radio stations all over America
The top-of-the-hour ID required by the FCC is one of those artifacts of culture that most people probably don't even notice in their daily lives, but they offer radio stations the opportunity to show some character

Broadcasting The Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - September 5, 2010
The full show, broken into four pieces: people leaving food behind in the studios, the need for median barriers on our expressways, the amazingly low price of high technology today, and a couple of alternative ideas to highway median safety.

Broadcasting The WHO Radio Wise Guys - August 28, 2010
The complete show, in segments: getting computers covered by homeowners' insurance, the Droid X (part 1), the Droid X (part 2), how to fix a broken T9 dictionary, how to fix a broken laptop screen, the value of online education, and the FAA finally approves the use of GPS for airliners

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